QR Scanner using HTML5 and WordPress

QR Codes have always been an important part of eManager. Every item within the program is able to be tracked using a QR Code. Today, someone handed me a paper copy of a record within the system and said to me: “This does not exist.” My curiosity immediately engaged and I replied “Let me take aContinue reading “QR Scanner using HTML5 and WordPress”

Building a collaborative model tracker

BIM or building information modelling is a crucial workflow in today’s large construction project process.  I am going to go over how to set up a model tracker using WordPress.  This tutorial is intended for moderate WordPress users assuming that you already know how to buy hosting and install/manipulate WordPress.  If you do not, readContinue reading “Building a collaborative model tracker”

Gravity Population

I made this blog because I keep reusing code snippets for different things and I keep needing to put them somewhere incase I forget what I did. It not only saves time, but lets me share what I’ve learned. Remember preschool: “Sharing is Caring!” So I get to test out my tumblr theme’s interaction withContinue reading “Gravity Population”