Efficient Real Estate Maps with Google

I recently moved out of Long Island and into Manhattan.  Saying that finding an apartment in New York City is easy would be an understatement.  With barely a 1% vacancy rate, the NYC rental market is popping.  I think I went through ten real estate agents until I found one that I liked and trustedContinue reading “Efficient Real Estate Maps with Google”

Gravity Population

I made this blog because I keep reusing code snippets for different things and I keep needing to put them somewhere incase I forget what I did. It not only saves time, but lets me share what I’ve learned. Remember preschool: “Sharing is Caring!” So I get to test out my tumblr theme’s interaction withContinue reading “Gravity Population”

Start it off right..

Since this is my first post, I thought I would start it off with an article which features the one and only, me!  Check out this awesome article written by Luke Abaffy from ENR: The biggest building contractors in the U.S. moves forward by growing a diverse, entrepreneurial and innovative team. Check out the articleContinue reading “Start it off right..”