QR Scanner using HTML5 and WordPress

QR Codes have always been an important part of eManager. Every item within the program is able to be tracked using a QR Code. Today, someone handed me a paper copy of a record within the system and said to me: “This does not exist.” My curiosity immediately engaged and I replied “Let me take aContinue reading “QR Scanner using HTML5 and WordPress”

AEC Hackathon NYC Recap

Ever since I joined the construction industry, I always had the opinion that construction over every industry has some of the most real and good people on the planet. I do not know why I think that, but this weekend only strengthened that opinion. I had the greatest time this weekend hanging out with industryContinue reading “AEC Hackathon NYC Recap”

Building a collaborative model tracker

BIM or building information modelling is a crucial workflow in today’s large construction project process.  I am going to go over how to set up a model tracker using WordPress.  This tutorial is intended for moderate WordPress users assuming that you already know how to buy hosting and install/manipulate WordPress.  If you do not, readContinue reading “Building a collaborative model tracker”

AEC Hackathon NYC Challenge

In late January 2015, AEC Hackathon will be coming to New York.  I am extremely excited since this will be the first AEC Hackathon I will attend.  I threw a challenge up on the Facebook Page:   All: We are looking to make an industry changing application which will bring the 3D model into the handsContinue reading “AEC Hackathon NYC Challenge”

eManager.NYC gets a facelift

Over the last few years, I have been completely reliant on using the twitter bootstrap libraries to build websites.  Some people knock it because it can be bulky if you’re the type of person that is particular about every millisecond of load time.  I love it, I cannot live without it, and it makes creatingContinue reading “eManager.NYC gets a facelift”

Efficient Real Estate Maps with Google

I recently moved out of Long Island and into Manhattan.  Saying that finding an apartment in New York City is easy would be an understatement.  With barely a 1% vacancy rate, the NYC rental market is popping.  I think I went through ten real estate agents until I found one that I liked and trustedContinue reading “Efficient Real Estate Maps with Google”

WebGL 3D Model Viewer

Originality The traditional method of 3D Modeling is with a computer program on your desktop like Revit, Sketchup, or Rhino. These computer programs leverage that devices graphic processing unit to render models in 3D. Until recently, a browser has not been able to use processing power of the GPU and instead has had to relyContinue reading “WebGL 3D Model Viewer”

Forecast and Historical Weather

Weather is always a fun topic especially when we are referring to construction.  Weather is the ultimate factor in how and when a building gets built.  It was essential to develop a wordpress plugin that could handle both forecasting and tracking historical data.  Wunderground offers a great api that can handle both!  Using Wunderground’s JSONContinue reading “Forecast and Historical Weather”