When conversating with parties for a sale, it is always important to communicate clearly with the future lessees since they would be your prospective customers. The gross building area is the area inside the exterior facade or outside walls of the building, including all leasable and shared space. The rentable area on a floor includesContinue reading “USF vs RSF vs GSF”

The Conversion of Retail Using the Vertical Farm Method of Indoor Agriculture

When I moved to Puerto Rico, I decided to take the advice of a previous mentor of mine, Pat DiFilipo of Turner Construction. He told me that if I ever had the opportunity to get a Master’s degree, I should. Before I left, I had brunch with my Godmother, who mentioned a colleague of hersContinue reading “The Conversion of Retail Using the Vertical Farm Method of Indoor Agriculture”

WordPress + Procore for Construction Workflows

Procore is the construction industry’s elephant in the room when it comes to CRM systems. It does everything from DCRS, RFIs, Submittals, Schedule, Budget, all the essential construction tools. Sometimes though, Procore has limitations. When it comes to $100M+ projects, there are so many nuances that it is hard to standardize with one platform. UsingContinue reading “WordPress + Procore for Construction Workflows”

A Scheduler has Grit

Grit Virtual is a program that I first encountered at Procore Groundbreak 2019.  It is the ultimate tool that fills the gap in scheduling.  I have spent several years looking into different ways to do collaborative scheduling properly. My favorite building of all time, the empire state building, used linear scheduling to create their scheduleContinue reading “A Scheduler has Grit”

Field Tools for the Mobile Superintendent

Hardhat: Smart Helmet: Daqri   Gloves: Ironclad Touchscreen Work Glove Safety Vest USA: ML Kishigo S5000 Europe: Cresto 1142 Additional Tools Knife: SOG Escape Multi-tool: Leatherman Skeletool Flashlight: NEBO CSI Tactical Flashlight/Laser Measuring Tape: Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure, 120-Feet Hand Sanitizer: Honolulu Sun  

Procore Digital Plan Kiosk

Procore is a really great tool to help manage your construction project.  It offers an all in one solution to connect all parties to the field and office.  A traditional plan table is not really needed if your project uses Procore.  Digital plan tables or ePlan tables are becoming more and more popular.   Using Procore and a wireless connection, you can build a virtual plan table easily with a touch screen and ChromeOS powered device.  What if I told you that we could do it for under $1000 which is cheaper than purchasing a full set of printed plans.

Bridgit for Punchlist Review

My favorite punch list app to date is Bridgit Closeout.  Started by two awesome women Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake, there app is everything a Superintendent needs to maintain dynamic open items lists and punch lists.  Here’s a quick look at some screenshots of the app: They are even giving back to the community by researchingContinue reading “Bridgit for Punchlist Review”

Lump Sum vs. T+M

Change orders on a construction site are pretty common because nobody is perfect and something is always missed.  A change order is anything over and above a contractors’ base contract value.  Any problem that occurs on a site can always be fixed with one of three things: money, time, or sacrificed quality.  This is alsoContinue reading “Lump Sum vs. T+M”

Maintaining a 2D Current Set with Bluebeam! (Part 1)

Whenever we start a new project, the conversation of maintaining a current set of documents always comes up.  Back in the day, we used to slip sheet RFIs and new sheets into one huge paper set of current drawings.  This method though time tested, sort of draconic in our current age of technology.  There areContinue reading “Maintaining a 2D Current Set with Bluebeam! (Part 1)”