Procore Digital Plan Kiosk

Procore is a really great tool to help manage your construction project.  It offers an all in one solution to connect all parties to the field and office.  A traditional plan table is not really needed if your project uses Procore.  Digital plan tables or ePlan tables are becoming more and more popular.   Using Procore and a wireless connection, you can build a virtual plan table easily with a touch screen and ChromeOS powered device.  What if I told you that we could do it for under $1000 which is cheaper than purchasing a full set of printed plans.



Here is what you are going to need to set up your virtual plan table:

Total: $988

*Note:  for major commerical use, purchasing a touchscreen or overglass touch film may be more durable.

Set Up Kiosk & Install Procore

First, hang your TV on the wall or mount in your wooden plan table.  Plug in the Asus Chromebit.   You may need a bluetooth keybord and mouse for set up purposes until you enable the virtual keyboard.  If your touch screen is USB powered, you may need to purchase USB cable to connect into your touchscreen.  Once set up, login, adjust setting to your liking and visit “chrome://flags/” to your liking.

Go to the Google Web Store and type in Procore or click here.  Last put your chromebit into kiosk mode and make Procore the default app.  Voila!  Login to Procore and have fun with your virtual plan table!

Real Life Example

I implemented this on my project and it works great.  I used a Elo Touchscreen with Chromebit and USB 2 Male A-B cable.  Here is what it looks like:


Coder’s Corner

If you want to customize the web app to be for your project and company branded, the super simple source code is located on my GitHub.

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