NYC Construction Superintendent License

In July 2016, NYC enacted a new rule for construction superintendent’s (RC3301-02) mandating that all construction sites labelled “minor buildings” (10 stories or less) have a licensed construction superintendent on site.  This is really a great thing for New York since licensed superintendents can be the competent safety person similar to site safety coordinators or site safety managers, but on smaller construction sites.  Hopefully helping to cut down injuries and incidents on jobsites.

To get a license, you need to meet a few requirements set forth by the DOB; They are listed in detail on the supplemental investigative questionnaire found on the NYC DOB Super’s License site:  Applying to be a Construction Superintendent.  Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire and chosen your path, you can begin to fill out the forms.  Start with the LIC3, LIC4, and LIC34 (if required).  It is super important to make sure you type in all fields.  If you can avoid it, do not leave anything blank and do not use pen to fill out the forms.  The DOB will not let you fill in anything while at your appointment, so type it all into the editable PDF.  Next move would be to have your supervisors fill out an notarize the employment verification forms.  Almost everything has to be notarized so make sure you fill out all the fields and get them notarized.  Also, fill out the child support form, even if you do not have children.

Take a trip to the nearest social security office, pay a small fee, and get a copy of your earnings report.  This verifies the employment verification form.  Finally, get your additional supplemental information together including:

  • Social Security Card and Driver’s License
  • OSHA 10 or 30
  • SSM 8-HR or 40HR
  • A personal bill for proof of residence
  • Professional Engineer or Architect License
  • Professional Safety Certification paperwork

Email your LIC3 to and wait for an appointment.  Once approved, visit the DOB at 280 Broadway, New York, NY 10007.  Visit the sixth floor and wait until your number is called.   Make sure you have your paperwork organized in this order and notarized:

  • Email verification of approved appointment
  • Supplemental Investigative Questionnaire
  • LIC3
  • LIC4
  • LIC34 (if applicable)
  • Employment Verification Forms
  • SSC Earnings Report
  • Safety Forms and Certifications
  • Other information (Child Support Form, Social Security Card, etc)

Once you’ve received your license, you can now be put on a project’s PW2.  The title brings great responsibilities, so make sure you know them well.  Part of the daily duties of being a construction superintendent is keeping a daily log.  The best way from my experience is to use the pre-made Construction & Maintenance Daily Log Book: Blue Expanded edition by Safety Meeting Outlines, Inc.  The double page per day gives you enough space to keep track of a 65 story building!  Make sure you learn and can competently conduct all the duties of a Construction Superintendent outlined in RCNY 3301-02 before you put yourself down on any paperwork as the responsible person.  Good luck and congrats on pursuing a career as a construction superintendent.


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Matthew M. Emma was born in New York, NY where he currently resides after receiving his degree in Building Construction and Real Estate Development from Virginia Polytechnic and State University. Matt loves everything web related including PHP and WordPress! Featured in ENR for developing a construction program based on WordPress during the renovation of the new Madison Square Garden (Even featured in several of the Transforamtion show episodes). Let’s go Rangers!

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