QR Scanner using HTML5 and WordPress

QR Codes have always been an important part of eManager. Every item within the program is able to be tracked using a QR Code. Today, someone handed me a paper copy of a record within the system and said to me: “This does not exist.”

My curiosity immediately engaged and I replied “Let me take a look, I’d love to help you find it.” After a few minutes of searching, I could not for the life of me find it. I searched every way I could think of.  Then, I saw the QR code at the bottom of the printed page. Lightbulb! I whipped out my phone, scanned the code and BAM! The URL popped up! What a great and easy way to find something.  The user thanked me for the help and I sat there thinking to myself that eManager does not have a QR Scanner built in to it?!

So, I went to Le Google and obviously typed in: “WP QR Scanner Plugin” to see if something already existed.  Found nothing.  I continued my research searching the words: “HTML5 QR Scanner,” discovering several libraries which handle QR scanning in the browser with minimal code and libraries!  I decided to use one created by Daniel Ward located here:


I download his code off of github and created a handy WordPress plugin which uses HTML5 techniques to read a QR Code.  The plugin is available on Github here:


It uses a shortcode with the parameters width and height to be embedded in any WordPress page or post.  Feel free to use, fork, hack it for your own project.  Happy coding!


Published by iphoenix72

Matthew M. Emma was born in New York, NY where he currently resides after receiving his degree in Building Construction and Real Estate Development from Virginia Polytechnic and State University. Matt loves everything web related including PHP and WordPress! Featured in ENR for developing a construction program based on WordPress during the renovation of the new Madison Square Garden (Even featured in several of the Transforamtion show episodes). Let’s go Rangers!

13 thoughts on “QR Scanner using HTML5 and WordPress

  1. hi, thanks for the informations, was actually looking for a qrcode reader or scanner to integrate as a punch in/out system in a erp plugin, do you happen to know is it possible or easy to implant thanks a lot


  2. Hi Matt,
    I added the plugin to a WordPress site and tried the shortcode but I’m not getting any functionality. Does this still work? Also, will this work on any platform (Windows, iOS, Android)? Thanks!

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  3. Hey man. Installed your plugin and thought this was the solution to my problem but i only get a blank screen when trying to run it? Doesn’t seem to “initiate” my devices camera? Can you help?


  4. I’ll update this code soon to add your comments and requests. Some advances have been made with the canvas camera readers. Unfortunately, the original code now requires node to be running on your server:

    I’m exploring other options to to run with HTML5 and JS. Looks like this library could be an option:

    If you want to generate QR codes in PHP, there is this:


    1. Hi Iphoenix
      any idea when we can expect an update?

      installed your plugin and unfortunately it comes up blank


  5. would this work to list front camera? From stack exchange

    if (!navigator.mediaDevices || !navigator.mediaDevices.enumerateDevices) {
    console.log(“enumerateDevices() not supported.”);

    // List cameras and microphones.

    .then(function(devices) {
    devices.forEach(function(device) {
    console.log(device.kind + “: ” + device.label +
    ” id = ” + device.deviceId);
    .catch(function(err) {
    console.log(err.name + “: ” + error.message);


  6. Hi – was wondering if there may be any development on this still – really struggling to find a QR scanner for WordPress! Am trying to allow customers to scan a product from my shop site and automatically add it to the cart…


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