eManager.NYC gets a facelift

Over the last few years, I have been completely reliant on using the twitter bootstrap libraries to build websites.  Some people knock it because it can be bulky if you’re the type of person that is particular about every millisecond of load time.  I love it, I cannot live without it, and it makes creating good looking web programs so easy.  I was looking at my eManager main page earlier today and was like: “Wow, this page needs a redesign!”  So, I pulled down a simple free bootstrap landing page and customized with all the things I thought it needed.  It took maybe an hour worth of coding and well look how awesome it turned out: http://eManager.nyc/


It has everything a modern website wants one page scrolling with a cool navigation menu, an awesome skyline, buttons, icons, and even a styled map.  Thanks a lot Twitter Bootstrap and the folks at StartBootstrap.com for making my day and website awesome!


Published by iphoenix72

Matthew M. Emma was born in New York, NY where he currently resides after receiving his degree in Building Construction and Real Estate Development from Virginia Polytechnic and State University. Matt loves everything web related including PHP and WordPress! Featured in ENR for developing a construction program based on WordPress during the renovation of the new Madison Square Garden (Even featured in several of the Transforamtion show episodes). Let’s go Rangers!

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